I cannot wait for spring! - I told you one day when the nature was still cold and all the trees were naked. I was so happy! I felt the palpable anticipation of beautiful time; the time filled with love and happiness.

I felt spring is close so I tried to stretch out my arms in the air and grab it but to no purpose. I remember you stopped walking and our eyes met, the cold breeze touched my face. – I have to tell you something – you said and the naked branches creaked somewhere in the background.

I have the same feeling every year before spring – the prediction of happiness, satisfaction, and a romantic love that filled my heart. Back then, I visualized cherry trees in bloom and the time we are together. Back then, you told me you have to leave and that you will be away all spring.

Today I only imagine the time we could be together.
The cheery petals are already on the ground; spring is over.


spring trees are in bloom
but soon – the cherry petals
will rest on the ground